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Digital Smile Design

Dentistry can be a funny thing. Is it cosmetic? Is it functional? Or is it both?

We think the answer is to start with function, and then move on to the cosmetic. These two complementary pieces fit together in your overall satisfaction with your dental outcomes. Assuming your function is in a good place, then it's time to move on to the fun stuff: the look of your smile!

What is digital smile design?

Digital smile design allows you to more easily see what your smile might look like, in an easy-to-obtain digital format (think your iPhone, iPad or laptop). Not only will you get to see an example of what the outcome could look like, you'll get to understand your treatment plan, a high level idea of cost and the potential for a better outcome.

So how does digital smile design work?

Though there are apps and technology that might enable you to get started on a pre-/post- visual, you may want to consider working with your dentist to get amore accurate picture.

Start off with an intraoral scan. That's just a fancy way of saying, get some impressions. To avoid the goop and discomfort, your dentist might use an intraoral scanner which essentially projects a light source onto the surface of your teeth, and voila! You've got yourself a detailed picture of your current state.

Next, photography. No, we're not talking Glamour Shots. These are images, often times using retractors, that show the before picture of your smile. There are six primary poses that your dentist will likely need you to take.

And last, the fun part: digital planning. We will plan to address the functional or aesthetic outcome of your treatment before any work is done. Using the intraoral scan and photography, you get a sense of what various treatments could be done and how it will affect your look. That could include replacing teeth, lengthening crowns and other orthodontic intervention.

As technology develops, digital smile design is only gaining in popularity. We'd love to talk about your needs, so please reach out with any questions!


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