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“Today was far and away the single best visit I’ve had at a dental office. Going to get initial x-rays, pictures, evaluations, and even just getting my teeth cleaned can be daunting, but this staff makes the experience fun and seamless! Everyone here has an obvious passion for what they do, they’re knowledgeable, and each member genuinely appears to love their career. The conversations shared were sincere, and all of my questions were answered. I was very impressed with the thoroughness Dr. Graham took to ensure my oral health was as optimal as possible, and the technology used was top of the line. I’ll definitely be coming here as long as I remain in the area and would recommend Lake Park Dental to anyone!”

Corey M.

“The staff were amazing! They were really caring and knowledgeable. I learned more about my dental health/ care in 2 hours than I have my whole life. I highly recommend them!”

Kyrsten J.

“Dr. Graham released my son’s lip and tongue tie. She is the only person I trusted to perform the release. She is so passionate about making sure her patients are comfortable and well informed. My son is now nursing better and will avoid future problems!”

Marissa D.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Graham since we moved here in 2014. We have since had three children and all of them have had regular visits to the dentist where they have been welcomed and made to feel safe and important. They also get to choose a toy from an amazing treasure chest at every visit, which is a highlight for them.

Dr. Graham is open and honest about areas to work on, but definitely not pushy. I appreciate her contacts for second opinions from specialists if she is making a suggestion that may sound foreign to us as patients. It shows how much she really cares about your health and well-being, and it makes me feel more secure in going forward.She has preformed tongue tie releases this year on both my newborn and my four year old. The procedure itself was very easy and the kids were both made very comfortable (Netflix and sunglasses for the 4 year old). Her follow up is very caring and her network of therapists for post-op has been wonderful. It was scary for me to think of putting my kids through the procedure but both have been doing wonderfully and I feel good about helping set them up for better growth moving forward.

Aside from the incredible care, the office is warm, updated, relaxing, and very inviting. How often can you say that about a dentists office?! The staff are truly, as others have mentioned, the kindest and most fun and easygoing group of women. I always say that going to Dr. Graham’s office is a spa-like experience. Go!

Jillian C.

Such an incredibly pleasant experience for a dentist visit. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The space is very nice and comforting. I've never been at a dentist that has massaging chairs and heated neck pads, either. And the service itself was far superior to my previous dentists. I have always felt like I wasn't quite sure what was really going on with my teeth until a problem arose. They took good care to let me know what I can do as preventative measures and exactly what the state of my dental health is. I'm so glad to have switched here!

Chloe C.

Dr. Graham and her team are marvelous. They completely redefine dentistry, making it comfortable and easy. She is the most comprehensive dentist I've ever met, concerned about overall health and the way patients breathe and live. I would highly recommend her and her caring team to anyone who desires exceptional and excellent care. You will not be disappointed! Thank you Lake Park Dental!

Lisa R.

I walked out of here after my first visit kicking myself for not coming sooner. The office is incredibly nice and the people working there are no exception. Dr Graham and her team seem above and beyond competent and in fact, from what I can tell, seem to be on the cutting edge of the field. They are very thorough in both their work and their explanation of everything, leaving me with no questions at the end of the day. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for dental care.

Riley B.

I'm terrified of the dentist. If you are like me, this is the place to go. It does not look, smell, or act like a typical dental office. Dr. Graham is amazing, her staff is awesome, and there is a bonus book store in the building!

Stephani L.

Lake Park Dental is an excellent office! I like all the people, the way they embrace new technology and are constantly improving the services they provide. They always remember to ask about my life and family, and make me feel like a favorite every time. They also work with you, whatever your circumstances. Dr. Graham and her team are all skilled, and truly care about the health of their clients.

Emory C.

I logged onto Yelp for the first time in my life to write about how much I love Lake Park Dental.  Sounds humorous, but I'm for real.

First, the environment at LPD is adorable. It's decorated like a home, but with cute little art deco's with lime green accents. So cute.

Second, Megan Graham is fabulous.  She's spunky and personable.  I've been there twice and she not only remembers my name, but she also remembers the most minute details about me (where I've traveled, what I study, what my boyfriend does, etc.).  

Third, the staff is great.  All of them are just as personable as Dr. Graham.

Lastly, and most importantly, Dr. Graham and her staff are good at what they do: dental work.  Today, I had a gap filled between my teeth, which can be a cringe-worthy process.  However, Dr. Graham was delicate, efficient, and professional with the procedure and the filling turned out beautiful.

Peggie S.

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